We are proud to serve such a large clientele here in the Tallahassee/North Florida/South Georgia area and we are pleased to offer some of our client testimonials.

The cake was beautiful and you recreated this just from a picture from a magazine! More importantly, the cake was beyond delicious – one of the best cakes I have ever had. Absolutely the best in Tallahassee! You are a true artist and we would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone.


Wedding cake

Thank you for the wonderful birthday cake you made for our daughter’s first birthday party. It was beautiful and fun – everything I envisioned. Most importantly, the cake was delicious. The adults and the kids could not stop talking about how fantastic the cake tasted! Thank you! Thank you!

Brad & Andrea

1st Birthday Party

I could eat my wedding cake every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it! Maria is super sweet and easy to work with. Her cake flavor recommendations were perfect for our wedding.We had a beautiful four layed cake that my guests are still talking about! I had people gushing over the different layers and many told me they went back for seconds! The taste of the cake was very important to me and Maria’s cake is truly out of this world! The taste was matched by how beautiful it came out!!



4-Layer Wedding Cake

While my fiancee (now: wife) and I were planning our wedding, we had contracted the services of another baker in town (whom shall remain nameless). We contracted this baker at least half a year in advance of our wedding date (which is within reason) to bake both our wedding cake and our groom’s cake. This baker seemed to be eager to make us happy; heck, I specifically asked her what flavors and such she can make and her response was “anything you want I can make happen.”

Protip: If you cannot back up a claim like that, especially when tossed out there to a person with an adventurous palate, DO NOT DO IT.

Well, we came up with what we wanted for both cakes, and contacted her to let her know our decision. She waited about a week to reply that she could not make what we wanted. Apparently, multiple flavors of cake (in a multi-layer, multi-tier cake) is way too complex. Apparently “strawberry” isn’t in her wheelhouse (meanwhile, champagne rhubard lingonberry is right up her alley). We had to completely re-tool our wedding cake … TO SATISFY THE STUPID BAKER.

She also flat out refused to make the groom’s cake. She said it was too difficult and she didn’t want to experiment.

This all happened about a month before the wedding. Find another baker one month before an August wedding? Shouldn’t be a problem, right? (laugh laugh).

Luckily I did find a baker. I asked our wedding coordinator (Robin @ Simply Entertaining) if she had any suggestions, and she mentioned Artistic Confections. She had worked with her in the past, and knowing what kind of cake I wanted, that Artistic Confections would be my best bet … if they were still available at this point. Luckily, they were.

I forgot to describe the cake in question. Here is what I wanted … think of your traditional cake with multiple layers. Now throw all convention out the window. Alternating layers of maple cheesecake and carrot cake, iced with a chocolate stout icing, and topped with crushed pralines and crumbled bacon. Sounds delicious, right? Those who don’t think so … yeah, there were a lot of doubters at our reception; they were all converted.

Though, I did have to change one part of the cake. The red-headed step-child was the carrot cake. I thought it might have been a good pairing, but Maria at Artistic Confections wasn’t quite so sure. So I compromised a little … the carrot cake part would become layers of hummingbird cake (my alternate choice).

Before I go into how well received the cake was, let me first say that meeting with the folks at Artistic Confections was pleasant. They were friendly and helpful. They were immediately open to the idea of my cake, and when they presented the suggestion to change the carrot cake portion to something else, they did so in a polite fashion … a manner that seemed to open the lines of communication and negotiation, rather than a complete shut down (like the other baker did).

They also gave me a great deal on a cake. Knowing that anytime the word “wedding” is associated with anything, there seems to always be about a 300% markup involved … at minimum. I came into their bakery thinking I was about to shell out $300-$400 for a cake that could possibly be uneaten. I was pleasantly surprised when my cake came out just a little over $100, delivery included.

Now … how did the cake, itself, fare?

Allow me to say that while the groom’s cake was from Maria at Artistic Confections, our main wedding cake was still done by the other baker … and the groom’s cake was without a doubt the favorite at the reception.

In gauging interest for the cake beforehand, I heard a lot of “What? Bacon? I don’t know about that … ” Well, guests descended upon the small table to the side that featured the groom’s cake like a pack of starving vultures. It was completely wiped out, while there was tons of the regular wedding cake left.

In comparison, the regular wedding cake was “okay” … it was a traditional cake, the frosting was pretty good, but the cake itself was a little dense and the flavors were …. nothing spectacular. The groom’s cake, however, was absolutely delicious. My only complaint was that it was gone before I could get seconds of it.

Well done, Artistic Confections, well done. Whenever I need another specialty cake (and I will want another just like this one), I know where to go to. Thank you for making such a wonderful cake that was a definite highlight to a very important day in our life.


Andrew Plunkett

Wedding Cake