Even though it sounds so simple, frosting a cupcake can be the most difficult part. Baking the perfect cupcake can only be followed by having a perfectly decorated one as well! Have no fear, here are 3 easy tips when it comes down to decorating those cupcakes!

Tip 1 – Grab that piping bag

Piping bags can go from helpful to messy in an instant. To prevent that, place the piping bag in a large cup and fold the edges over the side! By doing this, you are not creating a mess and are able to fill your bag while avoiding most of the sides. After filling the bag, squeeze all the frosting to the end of the bag. (Taking a flat edged object and scraping the frosting down, gets every last bit of it). Finally, twist the top of your piping bag to seal it off, so that no frosting comes out the top!

Tip 2 – Just that!

Selecting a tip to go on the top of a piping bag is not detrimental, but can be useful for more difficult frosting techniques. For simplified purposes the 1M tip, can create a perfect frosted look! With this tip, piping a swirl on the top of a cupcake has never been easier! The major key for piping frosting is too apply pressure!

Tip 3 – Practice, Practice

A great way to practice frosting cupcakes is to make a batch of 12, whenever there is free time to bake, and have fun! Try using different tips & different frosting patterns and see which one suits you or the occasion the best!

Frosting cupcakes can be quite difficult, but with these 3 tips it should make it a lot easier! A perfect cupcake needs a perfect frosted top, so get to work!