When it comes to dipping strawberries, there can be bumps in the road including the chocolate. Making chocolate covered strawberries should be an exciting and delicious experience. Even though it seems very basic, it can present many challenges.

Here are some tips to make the perfect chocolate covered strawberries!

1. Berry Pickin’!
Look at your strawberries and pick the best looking ones. You are looking for the berries that are large enough to dip, that are ripe enough, and that are not dented or mushy.

2. Strawberries @ room temp!
Do not use your strawberries right out of the refrigerator. Instead, try taking out the berries about an hour before dipping time, so that the chocolate is able to stick better and makes the berries at room temperature.

3. Dry, Dry, Dry!
Drying the strawberries, is probably one of the most important steps and one that is often forgot. After you have rinsed the berries, it is critical that you dry them! Pat them off with a paper towel and make sure the water is removed off of them. Leaving the strawberries damp will make the chocolate rocky or not stick.

4. Leave the leaves!
Leaving the leaves on the strawberry is helpful, because it allows you to have a grip when dipping it into the chocolate. The leaves also add that “picture perfect” look when the strawberries are done. (If you do not want the leaves on, you can try using a skewer to put through the berry and dip into the chocolate.)

5. Rich & Creamy!
Who wouldn’t want to make their chocolate the best it could be? Adding butter to the chocolate and melting them together is a way to get a “rich & creamy” texture. Along with making it better tasting, it makes the chocolate smoother for dipping purposes.

6. Shake it!
Once you have dipped the strawberry into the chocolate try giving the berry a tap to let excess chocolate off. You can even try taking the strawberry and flipping it upside down to let the chocolate get to all of the edges.

7. Refrigerate!
After the strawberries have been dipped into the chocolate and are setting, place them in the refrigerator for around 15-30 minutes. Once this time is up, place them into a type of container in the refrigerator for cooling until ready to eat. Placing the strawberries into the container ensures that the chocolate does not fluctuate. (When you bite into the strawberry you want your chocolate to snap.)

Following these simple 7 tips and tricks will allow you to make some scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries!

Good luck & enjoy!